Poster for the monographic exhibition of my professor Roman Kalarus. I have the pleasure of participating in the project as a curator and poster designer.

The poster is a collage of one of the Professor's flagship works and mine - a symbolic meeting of generations, sometimes of different approaches to life. After all, our birth dates differ by almost half a century. Two people with a common fascination - a fascination with art, form, love and sexuality. The works of Roman Kalarus, for some, brim with eroticism - but in my opinion, the Professor simply plays with the bodies of men and women, not considering it a taboo subject. I act in the service of spreading knowledge about sexuality, approaching the body with caress and considering it as something everyday – wanting carnality not to be a taboo subject, but a matter that we handle with knowledge of our own limits and respect.

The poster is in the collection of the National Museum in Poznan and has participated in the 2nd Poster Triennale in Cyprus (2022), the 27th Polish Poster Biennale in Katowice (2021) and the 5th International Poster Biennale in Lublin (2021).
Roman Kalarus is a professor working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He runs his own atelier - Poster Studio 207. His achievements have been exhibited at hundreds of foreign and domestic exhibitions, and he is the recipient of many awards. The exhibition is available for viewing from September 25, and will culminate in an open vernissage at 6pm on October 4 at the Katowice Rondo Sztuki Gallery.
Plakat – Roman Kalarus
Plakat – Joanna Ambroz
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