Oil on canvas, 40×80 cm
Overheating cycle
Joanna Ambroz, June–July 2023
I smoothly transition into deviation.

On the day I sent the last part of my doctorate to the print house, I got the keys to a new studio. As a result, I was able to return to oil painting. Moments later, I submitted the printed work for review, went to a festival and quickly packed for a nearly two-week Paris–Rome trip. In Paris, I sketched, journaled and ate so much caviar and baguettes until I figured out what to do next. In Rome, I experienced brilliant carbonara, lamb ribs and liver, lemon ice cream mixed 6 hours with vodka and everything was sipped with white wine. By chance, I drove past the place where Caravaggio killed his lover, and later showed up "white as mozzarella" in Tuscany. On the road, I said goodbye to all the things that had gone wrong over the past three years. Upon my return to Poland, I was awaiting news of the adding of the book "Cutting..." to the collection of the National Museum in Poznan. This is how the life cycle of this project ended, and I can firmly say that with this event I fulfilled all my teenage and 20-year impossible desires before my 30th birthday. Later I locked myself in my studio. I tested new technical solutions in painting, and you came and came to visit me, sharing the delight of the upheaval and pieces of the crushed floor.
Joanna Ambroz, Paris–Rome, June–July 2023
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