I made a poster for an action that I support with all my heart and head. #sexedplPoland say Sex!In elementary school, I read all the books from the school library that talked about life with other people and sex. Despite my knowledge and curiosity, I couldn't, still can't, talk about it openly. Sex causes shame. Stop! Making love is the best! 

 Thank you Anja Rubik! 

The poster is in the collections of the Poster Museum in Wilanów (2019) and the National Museum in Poznan (2021) as well as in many private collections in Europe and was exhibited among others at Social Poster by New Polish Poster in Glasgow (2019, Great Britain), in Poland at the 26th Polish Poster Biennale (2020) and PosterFest3 (2018), Exhibition of Student Illustrations of Art Schools (2017), 5 individual exhibitions and printed in Gazeta Wyborcza and Śląsk Magazine.
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